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Folk on the Tyne: Folkworks Connections: Maya Youssef & Rachel Newton Folk/Traditional

Folk on the Tyne: Folkworks Connections: Maya Youssef & Rachel Newton

Christmas-Ceilidhs Folk/Traditional

Folkworks Christmas Ceilidh with 422

Family-Christmas-Ceilidh Folk/Traditional

Folkworks Family Christmas Ceilidh with 422

Folkworks: RANT Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: RANT

Folkworks Gig for Schools: The Demon Barbers Family Folk/Traditional

Folkworks Gig for Schools: The Demon Barbers

Le-Vent-du-Nord Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Le Vent du Nord

Folkworks: Marry Waterson & Emily Barker Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Marry Waterson & Emily Barker

Flook Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Flook

Bella-Hardy Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Postcards & Pocketbooks: The Best of Bella Hardy

Folkworks-Rising-Up-Peterloo-2019 Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Rising Up, Peterloo 2019

Andy-May-Trio Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Andy May Trio

Rowan-Rheingans Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Rowan Rheingans: Dispatches on the Red Dress

Melrose-Quartet Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Melrose Quartet

Monday-May Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: May Monday, Karen Tweed & Timo

Folkworks: Amy Thatcher Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Amy Thatcher

folkworks_future_traditions Folk/Traditional

Folkworks Future Traditions

The Unthanks Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: The Unthanks The Emily Brontë Song Cycle

CHRIS-WOOD-3-Credit-Rob-Blackham Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Chris Wood

Jon-Boden-The-Remnant-Kings Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings

Jim-Moray Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Jim Moray and Musicians

Martin-Simpson-2019-crop-Credit-Judith-Burrows Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Martin Simpson

Folk-Degree-Future-Traditions Folk/Traditional

Folkworks Future Traditions

Sam-Sweeney-The-Unfinished-Violin Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Sam Sweeney The Unfinished Violin

Rachael-image1- Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Rachael McShane and the Cartographers

Duncan-Chisholm Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: Duncan Chisholm

Folkworks Gig for Schools: The Demon Barbers Folk/Traditional

Folkworks: The Demon Barbers: The Lock In 'Christmas Carol'

Singing-Workshop-with-Fay-Hield Creative Learning

Folkworks: Singing Workshop with Fay Hield

Daoiri-Youth-School Folk/Traditional

Youth Summer School (14 - 20)

Lucy-Junior-School-v2 Folk/Traditional

Junior Summer School (9-13)

Fay-Adult-School-v2 Folk/Traditional

Adult Summer School (18+)


Folk Rock Band


Americana Band


Absolute Beginner Northumbrian Pipes


Advanced Fiddle


Beginner Northumbrian Pipes


Fretted Strings


Big Band with Song


Intermediate Fiddle


Intermediate and Advanced Flute / Whistle


Beginner and Intermediate Flute and Whistle


Beginner Fiddle


Absolute Beginner Fiddle


Intermediate/Advanced Northumbrian Pipes


Beginner & Intermediate Big Band


Intermediate & Advanced Big Band


North East Ensemble

Folk on the Tyne Folk/Traditional

Folk on the Tyne Free Stage