Sage Gateshead



BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2018

Welcome to the Free Thinking Festival from BBC Radio 3. All weekend here at Sage Gateshead we’re gathering together a throng of talented individuals to wrestle, debate and celebrate the theme of this year’s festival: The One and the Many. Whether it’s the impact of social media, the joy of stand-up comedy, or the future of democracy, we’ll be considering the relationship between the crowd and the individual in our age of hyper-connectivity.

There probably isn’t another art form that demonstrates the magic of this interplay more than music – and Radio 3’s aim is to connect audiences with remarkable music and culture. Across the weekend we’ll be broadcasting live from our pop-up studio where you can hear an eclectic range of classical, jazz and world music brought to you by our team of presenters.

As the festival is about the collective effort, we hope you’ll make your voice heard not just in the debates but also in song – there’s the opportunity to stretch your vocal chords at Friday’s opening event In Tune. There are more than 50 sessions to choose from and as always tickets are free. Places are available on the day but be sure to book in advance to witness the wisdom and insight of both the one and the many.

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