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Róisín Murphy is an odd one, never predictable, her twenty-year career from the outside could seem a little unfocused. “I happened upon this “job” quite by chance and I have always thought it was because of my wayward creativity it happened at all, so I’ll always put the madness first, the open-ness, because that’s how it all started.”

When she walked up to Mark Brydon and uttered the line “Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body,” a band was born. “I met Mark at a dirty basement party in Sheffield and I freaked him out a bit and turned him on bit, and I guess that`s the effect I’ve tried to have on people throughout the rest of my career.”

Many years of blissful synergy followed that “chat up line” as Murphy “felt” her way through. So from 1995 until 2000 Moloko steadily became more and more established. The huge success of ‘Sing It Back’ brought them to much larger stages around the world, but it also put new pressures on the duo. They broke up romantically but managed to make one last record together, the beautiful and heart-broken ‘Statues’.

Matthew Herbert then asked if Róisín would like to try working with him. ‘Around The House’ was absolutely one of my favourite records of the time so I was more than up for it, yet it took ages for me to finally agree and organise the start date because I was petrified of failure.”

When they did start it all flowed well and they progressed through the writing of ‘Ruby Blue’ in a few months. Then it was onward again to EMI and a promised Pop record.
“With ‘Overpowered’ I controlled everything. I brought the many people I needed together and held tight to guiding principles that I, myself, had designed. In short I was the boss, which I enjoyed greatly. But I didn’t become a Pop star and nobody knows exactly why.”

Róisín and producer Eddie Stevens spent five weeks last winter holed up in Eddie’s studio,a session resulting in some thirty songs, eight of which were selected for‘Hairless Toys.’

Rich and sophisticated. Strong and defiant. A story within a story framed by a story. Love`s fascination conquers its disappointment. Its surprises and bruises make us who we are. What’s life without guilt anyway? No, it’s not Pop, but it raises one final question, “Will Murphy ever make a bad record?”

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