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8pm-8.35pm – Fyfe Dangerfield
8.55pm – 10.40pm – Joan as Police Woman *Please note timings are an estimate and subject to change.

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General Sale: Friday 24 November. 10am Online / 12noon Ticket Office

Joan as Policewoman returns with a new album, Damned Devotion, and it’s her best yet.

The first video to accompany the album is for Warning Bell (Track of the Day on Lauren Laverne’s 6Music show), a tender, bewitching song of regret Joan wrote about “being a romantic and the naiveté that goes along with it.”

Directed by New York filmmaker/artist H Spencer Young, Joan wanted to capture the performance of the song without obscuring the power of the lyrics. Joan: “Words mean different things to different people and it’s important to me to allow the listener to have images of their own. That being said, the weather cooperated with us that night – rain and moisture in the air has always made me thoughtful. We wanted to capture the mystery of New York City while driving through Chinatown and parts of Brooklyn that hold deep meaning for me.”

Already acknowledged as a thrilling live performer and starkly honest lyricist, new album Damned Devotion finds Joan Wasser at her rawest. While her 2014 album The Classic was a soulful celebration of life and her 2011 album The Deep Field a lush moody expansion, this new release sees her stripping her compositions back to the core, the bare-all lyricism and timeless melodies harking back to her accolade-winning album To Survive (2008) and the universally acclaimed debut album Real Life (2006). Joan: “My maxim is: if it feels scary to say it, it’s the thing you must say”. And on Damned Devotion the thoughtful lyricism is married to Joan’s most accessible music to date.

Following the release of Damned Devotion, Joan as Policewoman will take her captivating live show on the road reaching the UK in April 2018.

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Fyfe Dangerfield
It was 2012 & May when Guillemots whispered “Hello Land”: since then, the original Fyfe has been hide-out hushed.

Rumours, however, abound that in this time, he’s channelled some kind of freeform infinity, limbering towards Open Day even as we type.

Having met Joan the especial Policewoman back in kindling 2005, Melody’s pageboy Dangerfield is super-chuffed to be stepping out of the warren to join her on these April Adventures.

Bambi & Bison break bread at his table .. in him, I hear both Shag & Nightingale Jasmine Parallelogram, The Deviator