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Jazz & Blues

Daniel Herskedal

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Venue: Sage Two

Tickets: £14.70


Unconstrained by limitations and conventions, Norwegian composer and tuba player Daniel Herskedal has earned a reputation as a musician who has pushed his instrument’s boundaries technically and sonically and who creates spellbinding and mesmerically beautiful music.

Following the release of his first album, Slow Eastbound Train in 2015, Herskedal toured throughout Europe. His follow up, ‘The Roc’, prompted critics to praise the wide mix of influences from folk, jazz, classical and Arabic sources, while national broadcaster France Musique described the group as ‘one of the most unique and innovative small ensembles’.

His third album ‘Voyage’ emerges as his most defining album yet, merging awe-inspiring beauty with a refreshingly original sound. The music is supremely melodic, tinged with rhythmical flare and vibrant colours.

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