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Amanda Palmer is returning to the U.K. for an intimate limited engagement run of old blighty’s smaller cities. This is her first U.K. music tour since her last official album release, 2012’s critically acclaimed and Kickstarter-funded “Theatre is Evil.”

“A fearless one-woman creative typhoon.” The Guardian

“I’m still working on and honing material for a new solo piano record, and it’s an incredibly personal piano mess of birth and death and dark humor. Playing these songs for audiences is giving me the roadmap about how to record them, and I’ve always wanted to explore the deeper U.K. cities. Since Neil (Gaiman, Palmer’s husband) and I are basing ourselves in London this spring while he works on Good Omens for the BBC, this is the time.”

Palmer has taken her crowd-funding relationship with her audience one step further than Kickstarter and, since 2015, has been using the subscription membership site Patreon.com to fund her work, studio time, staff and ongoing cost of living. Around 11,000 people currently fund each of Palmer’s demos, videos and other projects.

“I didn’t know what having patrons was going to be like, but they’ve actually become part and parcel of my process. The best song of this new collection was written in response to a boatload of blog comments from my patrons. It’s an inspiring way to work, it’s like having a massive family bar on the first floor of my house. I’m working in semipublic, and that’s actually getting the best out of me, because I don’t like working alone, even when I’m writing a solo record.”

‘An Evening With Amanda Palmer’ will see Palmer alone on stage, performing everything from solo and Dresden Dolls’ favorites to unreleased new material on both grand piano and ukulele. Palmer takes pride in abandoning setlists and taking audience request, and responding to current events; audiences filling these theaters can expect usual no-holds-barred mix of spontaneity, humor and confession. Comedian Andrew O’Neill will be supporting Palmer at all shows.

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Stage Times

Doors open at 6.30pm and the show will start with Amanda Palmer taking the stage promptly at 7pm. Special guest Andrew O’Neill will be joining Amanda on stage throughout the show with no interval or intermission. The show will run through to 10.30pm. Please note timings are subject to change.